14 Interesting Facts About Vegas

Here are 14 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Vegas.

Before Las Vegas was famous for gambling, it marketed itself as a place to watch atomic bomb tests in the desert. Over 10,000 people have successfully claimed half a billion dollars back from the US Government in compensation for fallout-related illnesses.

In 2004, a British gambler, Ashley Revell, sold all of his possessions, including all of his clothes, and bet $135,300 on red for a single spin of a roulette wheel in Las Vegas and won $270,600.

The reflective surface of the Vdara hotel in Las Vegas concentrates the sun’s rays into a “death ray” that creates dangerously hot areas around the pool.

There is a “heavy equipment playground” in Las Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for fun.

In 1964, a wealthy businessman, fearing nuclear war, built a massive 16,500 square foot mansion underneath Las Vegas complete with pool, even putting green and luxury finishes.

The Las Vegas Harmon Hotel, a key part of a $8.2 Billion Las Vegas Hotel project will be demolished before a single guest ever gets to check into a room.

There is a secret city under Las Vegas that is inhabited by nearly 1000 people in a massive tunnel system that runs under and around the Casinos.

There is a place in Vegas you can pay $40 and shoot a grenade launcher, twice.

Customers weighing over 350 pounds eat for free at the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas.

Most of the Las Vegas Strip and nearly all of the top casinos are not actually in Las Vegas.

There is a service in Las Vegas that will come to you and cure a hangover with IV fluids and IV vitamins.

In 2007, Michael Jackson had plans to build a 50 foot tall moon walking robot, a replica of himself to roam the desert sands of Las Vegas.

Most casinos in Las Vegas will cash in chips from a different casino.

The US Air Force operates a small airline out Las Vegas airport that has daily shuttles for workers to and from Area 51.